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Les Humphries Singers

Les Humphries Singers

The Best of Les Humphries Singers

Formed: 1970, United Kingdom
Disbanded: 1976 Germany
Les Humphries
John Lawton
Jürgen Drews
Leslie Mandoki
Inga Rumpf
Liz Mitchell
Linda Thompson
Jimmy BilsburyRelated

Artists: Big Secret, Boney M., Uriah Heep, Silver Convention, Magic Lanterns

Audio CD (2. Oktober 1992)
Label: Eastwest (Warner)
ASIN: B000025SKY
Genre: Pop / Disco
Codec: Lame 3.92
Quality: CBR, 192kbps, stereo

Track Listing:

1. Mama Lou
2. We Are Goin' Down Jordan
3. Old Man Moses
4. Take Care Of Me
5. Mexico
6. Jennifer Adam
7. We'll Fly You To The Promised Land
8. Carnival
9. Kansas City
10. Old Time Religion
11. Rock My Soul
12. Sing Sang Song
13. Do I Kill You
14. New Orleans
15. Do You Wanna Rock And Roll?
16. Soolaimon

Discography From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1970 Rock My Soul
1971 We'll Fly You To The Promised Land
1971 We Are Goin' Down Jordan
1971 Old Man Moses
1972 Mexico
1973 Mama Loo
1973 Carnival
1974 Kansas City
1974 One Of These Days
1975 Family Show
1976 Sing Sang Song

1970 Rock my Soul/I believe
1970 Soolaimon/O,didn't it Rain Malcom and the LHS
1971 Michael/To my Father's House Michael
1971 Promised Land/This ole House
1971 Goin' down Jordan/Jesus, Joseph and Peter
1971 Old Man Moses/Soul Brother Jesus
1972 Take care of me/Sing Hallelujah
1972 Mexico/Jennifer Adam Mexico
1972 Oh come all you faithful/Jingle Bells
1973 Mama Loo/I'm from the south...
1973 Carnival/Kentucky Dew
1974 Kansas City/Back on Tour again
1974 Do you kill me.../Hey Mr. Smith Single for the Motion Picture
1974 Do you wanna Rock 'n' Roll?/Rolls Royce Body
1974 New Orleans/Live for today 1974 Derrick Pt.1 + Pt.2
1975 Top Szene Hamburg/Run Baby Run 1975 California/London Town
1975 It's Timex Time/California Advertisement 1975 Family Show/Pasadena Town
1975 It must be you/Semolina Les Humphries 1976 Spanish Discotheque/Day after Day
1976 Sing Sang Song (ger.vers)/Slow Down
1976 Sing Sang Song (engl.vers)/Just sit down at the old Piano
1976 Che Gama/I Am Les Humphries 1976 Indian War/Little Sparrow
1977 Going Home/Lonely Soldier
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