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Black Devil - 1978 - Disco Club

Extremely Rare Disco Masterpiece

Black Devil
Disco Club (LP)

RCA Records (France) / 1978 / PL 37164LP 33 1/3 RPM Vinyl
Genre: Disco
Codec: Lame 3.92
Quality: CBR, 192kbps, stereo

Joachim Sherylee Junior Claristidge


Side A

1. "H" Friend (5:44)
2. Timing, Forget The Timing (4:34)
3. One To Choose (4:47)

Side B

1. We Never Fly Away Again (4:53)
2. Follow Me (5:10)
3. No Regrets (4:59)

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From - http://www.nme.com/reviews/black-devil/7380

Black Devil : Disco Club
The hottest new sound of, um, 1978...
In a great week for acts whose names start with Black - is Black the new The? - this bizarre disco epic, one of the most talked-about records in ages, would've been Single Of The Week had it not originally come out in 1978 on a tiny French label. Rescued from obscurity by [a][/a]'s Rephlex crew - one of whom found it in a car boot sale for 20p - and destined for the charts, 'Disco Club' is actually four richly melodic avant-funk tracks that bleed into one another, backed by a succulent remix by Luke Vibert in his Kerrier District guise. Had 'Timing, Forget The Timing' and 'One To Choose' been written yesterday they'd be considered cutting-edge, but the fact that these deliciously experimental oddities were made way back when by two French sound scientists only adds to their unique, seductive charm.

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