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Donna Summer - 1975 - Love to Love You Baby

Donna Summer - 1975 - Love to Love You Baby

Released 1975
Genre Disco, Pop, Soul, R&B
Length 36:36
Label Casablanca
Producer(s) Pete Bellotte
Codec: Lame 3.92
Quality: CBR, 320kbps, stereo

Track listing

1. Love To Love You Baby Listen Listen
2. Full Of Emptiness Listen Listen
3. Need- A- Man Blues Listen Listen
4. Whispering Waves Listen Listen
5. Pandora's Box Listen Listen
6. Full Of Emptiness ( Reprise)

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Love to Love You Baby is the second album by Donna Summer, and her first to be released internationally.

Summer's previous album had only been released in selected European countries where she had also had a couple of hit singles. In 1975 she was still a complete unknown in her home country of America. Summer had been working with writing/production team Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte for some time and one day approached them with an idea for a song. Moroder and Bellotte had been helping to develop the new "disco" sound which was just starting to become popular, and turned the song which had begun with Summer's idea into a slowbeat electronic disco track. Their idea for her vocals were that they should be raunchy and sexy, but she was at first unsure if she was capable of this. She was later persuaded to record the track lying on the floor of a pitch dark studio and imagined herself as an actress (Marilyn Monroe to be precise) playing the part of someone in that role. The song was recorded and entitled "Love to Love You." It was released as a single in some European countries and became a moderate hit.

As a result the album sold relatively well, making the Top 10 in the U.S. and the Top 20 in the U.K.

The other songs on the album had a more pop/soul/R&B feel to them. Side Two consisted of four more original songs, plus a reprise of one of them. Two of the songs, "Full Of Emptiness" and "Whispering Waves" were ballads, while "Need-A-Man Blues" was in a slightly more pop/disco vain, and "Pandora's Box" was more mid-tempo.

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