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Donna Summer
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Donna Summer (born LaDonna Adrian Gaines) is an American singer, songwriter, and artist, best known for a string of dance hits in the 1970s that earned her the title "Queen of Disco" and as one of the few disco-based artists to have longevity on the charts into the late-1980s. Even though she is one of the best-known artists of the disco era, Summer has covered different genres - notably R&B, rock, and gospel, earning her Grammy Awards in those categories. Summer is also known for her exquisite vocal range and power. It has been estimated that Summer's album and single sales total more than 150 million, easily making her part of the list of best-selling music artists.


Early life and career

Born LaDonna Adrian Gaines in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, she was one of seven children raised by devout Christian parents. She sang in church and later joined a rock group called The Crow as a teenager. It was named such because Donna was the only black member of the group. At eighteen, Gaines left home and school to take up a supporting role in the Broadway musical, "Hair". The show moved to Germany shortly afterwards and Gaines eventually became a German resident and performed in the German versions of several musicals including "Godspell" and "Show Boat". She settled in Munich and also performed with the Viennese Folk Opera.

In 1971, Gaines released a single in Europe entitled "Sally Go 'Round the Roses", her first solo recording. The single was unsuccessful, however, and she had to wait until 1974 to launch a solo career. Gaines married Austrian actor Helmut Sommer ("Summer" is an Anglicization of his last name) in 1972 and gave birth to daughter Mimi the following year. Summer did various musical jobs in studios and theaters for several years, including the pop group FamilyTree from 1974-75.

Early success and notoriety

While singing back-up for groups such as Three Dog Night, she met producers Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. With these producers, Summer signed a contract in the Netherlands and issued her first album, Lady of the Night, which included the European hit, "The Hostage", which made #1 in France, Belgium and the Netherlands and #2 in Germany. Its follow-up, the title track of the album, also gained some degree of European success.

In the late summer of 1975, Summer approached Moroder and Bellotte with an idea for a song. She came up with the lyric "Love To Love You Baby" as the possible title for the song. Moroder in particular was interested in developing the new disco sound that was becoming more and more popular and used Summer's idea to develop the song into a raunchy disco track. He had the idea that she should moan and groan in an orgasmic way, but Summer was unsure of the idea. Eventually she agreed to record the song as a demo to give to someone else (possibly singer Penny McLean). She has stated that she was not completely sure of some of the lyrics, and parts of the song were improvised during the recording (she later stated on a VH-1 "Behind The Music" program that she pictured herself as Marilyn Monroe acting out the part of someone in sexual ecstasy). Moroder was astounded with Summer's orgasmic vocals and her imaginative moans and groans that he insisted she should release the single herself. Summer reluctantly agreed and the song, titled "Love To Love You", was released. While originally a modest success in Europe, it reached America and the hands of Casablanca president Neil Bogart, who was so ecstatic over the demo that he requested Moroder to produce a twenty-minute version of the song. Summer, Moroder and producer Pete Bellotte cut a seventeen-minute version and with that, renamed it "Love To Love You Baby" and Casablanca signed Summer and issued the single in November 1975. Casablanca distributed Summer's work in the U.S., while other labels distributed it in different nations during this period.

The "Love To Love You Baby" single was Summer's first big hit in America reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in February 1976 and becoming her first number-one Hot Dance Club Play chart hit. The seventeen-minute version became one of a recurring trend of single song, side-long disco versions, with French disco acts Cerrone, the Alec. R. Costandinos helmed Love And Kisses and many others following suit. The album (side one of which was completely taken up with the full-length version of the title track) was also released in 1975 and was soon certified gold. The song was branded "raunchy" by some rock critics and was even banned by some radio stations for its graphic content. Time magazine later reported that a record 22 orgasms were reached in the making of the song. In some areas of the music press, Summer was dubbed "the first lady of love." Two successful, gold-selling concept albums followed - A Love Trilogy featured the moderate hits, Try Me (I Know We Can Make It) (#80 on the Hot 100)", and Could It Be Magic (#52 on the Hot 100); and Four Seasons of Love which featured the disco hit, "Spring Affair", (#58 on the Hot 100), as well as Winter Melody, (#43 on the Hot 100) Both albums placed high on the Billboard 200, and had a reasonably high sensual/fantasy content, although Summer felt uneasy with her image.

The 1977 album I Remember Yesterday, another concept album, showed the Summer/Moroder/Bellotte team combining the disco sound with sounds of the past, present and future. The song representing the future, "I Feel Love" , originally released as a "B" side to the R&B ballad "Can't We Just Sit Down (And Talk It Over)", became a landmark recording, reaching number-six on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and number-one in the UK and various other European countries. The song was arguably the first song to use techno and electronic sounds in dance music. A version of I Feel Love released in 1982, with additional overdubs by Disco lightman turned synthesist and producer, the late Patrick Cowley, took the eight minute and thirteen second extended version and overlayed new elements, causing an underground sensation. Summer released another album in 1977 called Once Upon a Time, a concept album telling a modern-day "rags to riches" story through the means of electronic disco and is regarded by many fans as some of her best work.

Continued success in music

In 1978, Summer acted in the film Thank God It's Friday, and released the hit single, "Last Dance". Written by Paul Jabara who also co-wrote "It's Raining Men", "The Main Event (Fight)" and "No More Tears (Enough is Enough)", the song became another monumental hit for Summer reaching number-three on the Billboard Hot 100 and resulted in her first Grammy win while Jabara took home the Oscar after the song was nominated for Song of the Year. Summer also recorded a side-long version of Serge Gainsbourg's "Je T'Aime (Moi Non Plus)" which was very similar in style to "Love To Love You Baby", initially shelved and later released as a part of the Thank God It's Friday soundtrack.

That same year, she released her first live album, Live and More. A double-album, it was also Summer's first number-one album and included her first number-one American pop single, a cover of the Jimmy Webb-penned "MacArthur Park", originally made famous by Irish singer/actor Richard Harris. The version found on the Live and More album was a longer version and incorporated two other tracks, including "Heaven Knows" which also featured vocals by Joe Bean Esposito of the Brooklyn Dreams. Group member Bruce Sudano would become romantically involved with Summer, and "Heaven Knows" became another top five hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S.

Bad Girls and the break from disco

In 1979, she released the landmark double album, Bad Girls. Unlike other disco albums, it mixed rock, blues, and soul into electronic disco beats. It yielded three top ten singles: the back-to-back number-one hits, "Hot Stuff" and "Bad Girls", plus the number-two hit "Dim All the Lights". "Hot Stuff" won Summer a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. Bad Girls became Summer's second #1 album and her most successful one, selling over seven million copies worldwide. Once again, Summer's music was years ahead of its time, and elements of Bad Girls would surface in the 1980s from such artists as the Eurythmics, New Order, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Bronski Beat, and many other New Wave and techno bands. Several different artists were involved in the writing of Bad Girls including Bruce Sudano, who Summer had worked with the previous year on her "Heaven Knows" single. The two grew closer during the making of this album and became engaged. During this period, Donna Summer became the first woman ever to have two songs on Billboard's top three of the Hot 100 during the same week with "Bad Girls" and "Hot Stuff". Just a few months later, she accomplished the same feat again with "No More Tears" and "Dim All the Lights" both in the top three slots of the Billboard Hot 100 during the same week.

Summer's first main international compilation album, On the Radio: Greatest Hits Volumes 1 & 2, was her third number-one U.S. album. With this, Summer became the first artist to have three consecutive number-one double-albums. The album also contained two new tracks - "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)", a duet with Barbra Streisand, and "On the Radio", a song written for the film Foxes. Both were big hits when released as singles, the former becoming Summer's fourth and final number-one pop hit in the U.S. Afterwards, disagreements and fractions between Summer and Casablanca Records led to her exit from the label in 1980. Despite early feelings of retirement, Summer was given a lucrative offer by David Geffen and became the first ever artist to be signed to his new Geffen label in 1980. At this time, Summer's record deal was the highest around for a female artist. She also became a Born Again Christian during this time and used the religion as a new guiding force within her life.

The Wanderer and She Works Hard for the Money

Summer's first Geffen release, 1980s The Wanderer, was a full-fledged rock/New Wave affair. Though two of the songs were hits on the dance charts, songs like the title track, and the accompanying singles ("Cold Love" and "Who Do You Think You're Foolin'") saw Summer reaching the same audience that contemporaries like Blondie and Pat Benatar were dominating. The album sold well, achieving gold sales in the US, and the title track became Summer's eleventh top ten Billboard Hot 100 single in the U.S.

A second release, I'm a Rainbow, a dance-oriented double album which also featured elements of soul, R&B, period British techno-pop and even synth-based disco, was shelved by Geffen (although two of the tracks would surface during the 1980s on the Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Flashdance film soundtracks) because he believed Summer needed fresh production. Reluctantly, Summer left Moroder after seven years of collaboration together, and released her self-titled 1982 album with production from Quincy Jones, who got her back in the top ten of the pop, R&B, and dance charts with "Love Is In Control (Finger on the Trigger)". A second single, "State of Independence", on which Michael Jackson sang background on... along with a veritable "who's who" of the music world also lending vocal support & was ALSO one of the main inspirations for "We Are the World", became a sizable international hit (#1 in The Netherlands), followed by another Top 40 Pop & Top 30 R&B hit The Woman In Me. "State of Independence" had been originally written and performed by the duo Jon & Vangelis (Jon Anderson and Vangelis Papathanassiou), on their second album "The Friends of Mr. Cairo", released in 1981.

In 1983, Summer scored her biggest triumph since Bad Girls with the release of the She Works Hard for the Money single and album. The song became a pro-feminist anthem and was a staple on BET and MTV, making her the first black female artist to have a video air in heavy rotation by the latter channel.. Released on PolyGram's Mercury Records, the success of the She Works Hard for the Money album permanently poisoned Summer's relationship with Geffen, in fact, album liner notes on the "Cats..." album pointedly allude to "thanking David for staying out of the kitchen this time and hopefully enjoying this meal that Donna'd prepared for him". PolyGram would also be responsible for releasing The Summer Collection in 1985, which contained some of her disco classics as well as tracks from the She Works Hard for the Money album, and later The Dance Collection in 1987, which showcased Summer's disco songs in the form of their extended remixes. A second single from the She Works Hard for the Money album, the reggae-flavored "Unconditional Love" (which also featured vocals by black British group Musical Youth), was also an early MTV favorite. The further single and 12" release "Stop, Look and Listen" unfortunately did not have much impact. Despite the album attaining a gold certification from the RIAA in the US, She Works Hard for the Money marked the end of Summer's prime.

Her subsequent Geffen releases also did not fare as well. 1984's Cats Without Claws and 1987's All Systems Go stalled with only minor hit singles ("Supernatural Love" 12" Single, radio and video, "There Goes My Baby" radio and video, "Dinner With Gershwin" radio, video and 12" single, "Fascination" radio, "Only the Fool Survives" radio duet with Mickey Thomas from Starship). Summer left Geffen in 1988 to sign with Atlantic Records. Rumours have circulated among fans that as well as the I'm a Rainbow album, Summer had more unreleased material turned down by Geffen during her time with them. Her disco style was emulated by such singers as Barbara Pennington, Claudja Barry, Irene Cara, Evelyn Thomas, Miquel Brown and Earlene Bentley, singing in the keyboard based dance and Hi-NRG club hits of the early-mid 1980's era. These lesser known, more underrated, independent label singers together filled the void as "Disco Queens", especially with gay audiences. (In fact, it is worth noting that during this period the gay community realized its own heritage as purveyors of Disco music as opposed to the greater straight Rock fan base, and therein may lay some of the reason for Disco's demise.)

Later career

Summer regained her hit luster again in 1989 with her Another Place and Time album. This was a collaboration with England's Top Dance-pop Production Team Stock Aitken Waterman. "This Time I Know It's For Real", became her fourteenth top ten Billboard Hot 100 hit in U.S. . A second single, "I Don't Wanna Get Hurt" was a Top Ten UK hit. The third single, "Love's About To Change My Heart" became a moderate pop chart and dance chart hit. The fourth single was "When Love Takes Over You" and the fifth and final single from the album was "Breakaway." In 1991, she released Mistaken Identity, which was an attempt at incorporating new jack swing and urban adult contemporary R&B into her music. The album failed to chart on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart but did make it to #97 on the Billboard Top R&B Chart. Although, the album scored a moderate Urban chart hit with "When Love Cries" #18 R&B, and an underground club hit with, "Work That Magic." In 1992, Summer received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This year also saw her collaborate with Giorgio Moroder for the first time in over a decade with the song "Carry On." This was featured on his Forever Dancing album and the following year would be featured on the double compilation album The Donna Summer Anthology. This anthology also featured two exclusive remixes from the unreleased I'm a Rainbow album recorded back in 1981. It would be a while before her next release as she decided to take some time out to spend with her family. 1994 saw Summer release a gospel-influenced Christmas album entitled Christmas Spirit (her first full-length album for over three years) and a new compilation entitled Endless Summer (both albums were released by PolyGram) which also contained a couple of new tracks including "Melody of Love (Wanna Be Loved)", which became a huge hit on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

In 1995, a re-release of "I Feel Love" (with newly recorded vocals) as a dance remix, became a hit again in the UK reaching #8 there. The following year she would score a Top 20 there with a new remix of "State of Independence". In 1996, Summer's album I'm a Rainbow was finally released in by Polygram's Mercury Records to the delight of her fans. In 1998, Summer was the first artist to receive a Grammy award for Best Dance Recording for her 1992 collaboration with Giorgio Moroder, "Carry On", after the song was remixed and released as a single. In 1999, Summer starred in a televised live concert on the VH1 network entitled 'Donna Summer - Live and More Encore. The special earned the network their highest ratings of the year, second only to their annual Divas concert. Performing a string of her classics and new singles, she also sung "Dim All the Lights" as a tribute to Rod Stewart. Summer acknowledges that she wrote the song for Stewart but recorded it herself. A CD (on the Epic label) and DVD of the special were released, returning the singer back to the U.S. albums chart. Summer scored two #1 dance hits that year with "I Will Go With You" and "Love Is the Healer" (both found as new studio tracks on the album). During that year, Summer recorded the title track for [[Pok�mon: The Movie 2000]] entitled The Power Of One. Around this time, Summer also recorded the song "Dreamcatcher" for the "Naturally Native" Original Soundtrack.

In 2003, Donna Summer released a greatest-hits compilation called The Journey, which rocketed into the UK Top 10 in the following year, thanks to her appearance on ITV1 show Discomania - in which she co-presented & sang a number of her hits: a medley of "Hot Stuff" & "Bad Girls", "MacArthur Park", "Last Dance" & a duet with Westlife on "No More Tears (Enough is Enough)" - which appeared on the Discomania soundtrack album.

Current work

On September 20, 2004, Summer was among the first artists to be inducted into the newly formed Dance Music Hall of Fame in New York City. She was inducted in two categories, Artist Inductees, along with fellow disco legends The Bee Gees and Barry White and Record Inductees for her classic hit "I Feel Love". Summer added to her credits in October 2004, when she performed "God Bless America" during the seventh-inning stretch at Game 2 of the 2004 World Series at Boston's Fenway Park. Two of her most recent singles, "You're So Beautiful" (2004) and "I Got Your Love" (2005) reached the Top 10 on both the Hot Dance Airplay and Hot Dance Music/Club Play charts.

Today, Summer and her family make their home in Nashville, Tennessee. In July 2006, Summer joined forces with Pure Tone Music, an A&R consulting and full service independent music company, located just outside of New York City, and Summer's official web site has announced an upcoming CD on the Burgundy label to be released in Spring, 2007. She is touring extensively in mid-2006, and is to be featured in Sade's upcoming album "Pearls." Summer has hinted that her upcoming album will be more political, and is currently fundraising for the incumbent Democratic governor of Tennessee.

Personal life

In 1972, Summer married her first husband, Helmuth Sommer, and permanently moved to Germany to star in musicals, which resulted in her learning to speak fluent German. With Sommer, she gave birth to her first child, Mimi. The couple divorced in 1976 but before then, Donna anglicized Sommer into Summer and began her professional singing career in 1974 as Donna Summer. In 1978, she collaborated with the disco group Brooklyn Dreams for the hit, "Heaven Knows"(lead vocals by Joe Bean Esposito). While at the session recording the single, she met Bruce Sudano. The duo began a romance that culminated in their July 16, 1980 marriage and later the birth of daughters Brooklyn and Amanda. Today, Mimi and Amanda sing alongside their mother while Brooklyn has been seen acting in TV shows, including the since-canceled My Wife and Kids. Summer is still married to Sudano, and she is a grandmother of three.

During her lengthy career, Summer has dealt with controversy both professionally and personally. Her first hit, "The Hostage" was banned in Germany, and other radio stations banned her music for being sexually suggestive, with "Love to Love You Baby" being an example.

In 1991, during the height of the Gulf War, Summer's song "State Of Independence" was banned from US radio play alongside many other songs that were deemed to have an inflammatory effect on the population.

Rumors persisted that Summer was in fact a man in drag and not a woman, a rumour Summer addressed in 1989 on The Arsenio Hall Show. A far more painful incident came in the early 1980s with reports that she had made anti-gay remarks associated with the AIDS epidemic. Her songs were banned for a number of years in some gay establishments over these rumours.

Summer has long denied such allegations, and finally took legal action against a newspaper which printed the rumors during a review of a concert. Summer tearfully stated, "I never said anything that was written about me in that article". To make amends, Summer has since played for AIDS benefits and has donated proceeds to AIDS research. Even in 2006, she is still asked about the rumours, recently by a Canadian newspaper. Summer responded, "So many people in my audiences are gay. I can’t live my life trying to assure people of anything. You have to live knowing who you are. I think that my actions and the person that I am speak louder than somebody else’s misgivings or lies about me", says Summer now. "They print all kinds of things about people all the time but you can’t run after every single lie. You tell people the truth and if they choose to believe you, they do."

Regardless, even among gays, her brilliant talent and musicianship (aided by Giorgio Moroder) are lovingly embraced as the epitome of the disco era, as is her subsequent support in fighting AIDS.

Record Labels

Summer released her first single in 1971 and was credited with her maiden name Donna Gaines. "Denver Dream," released in 1974 was her first single release on which she was credited as Donna Summer. The following is a list of singles released in Europe leading up to her signing to Casablanca Records in 1975:

As Donna Gaines

1971: "Sally Go 'Round the Roses"
1972: "If You're Walkin' Alone"

As Donna Summer

1974: "Denver Dream"
1974: "The Hostage" (#1 in Belgium and France, #2 Germany and The Netherlands),
1974: "Lady of the Night"
1975: "Love To Love You - Part 1"
1975: "Virgin Mary"
1975: "Love To Love You Baby"

Having signed to Casablanca in the USA, Summer's material was released internationally beginning with the single "Love To Love You Baby" in 1975. She remained with this label until early 1980. Following her initial signing to them, various other labels were used to distribute her material in other nations but by 1977, Casablanca was used to do so in almost every country.

Summer left Casablanca in 1980 and became the first artist to be signed to Geffen Records, who released her material through to 1987, with the exception of her 1983 album "She Works Hard for the Money" and the singles from it. These were released by Mercury Records, a division of PolyGram, who had bought out Casablanca.

1989 saw Summer signed to Atlantic Records and remained with them until 1991. Since then she has released singles and albums with varying labels.

Donna Summer discography
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a listing of all of the singles and albums released by American R&B singer Donna Summer. Twenty-one of her singles reached the Billboard Top 40 in the US; fourteen reached the top ten and four reached #1.


Main Albums
(All albums were released internationally unless otherwise stated)

1974: Lady of the Night (Groovy, The Netherlands/Germany/Belgium)
1975: Love To Love You Baby (Casablanca, #8 US; #16 UK)
1976: A Love Trilogy (Casablanca, #18 US; #41 UK)
1976: Four Seasons Of Love (Casablanca, #22 US)
1977: I Remember Yesterday (Casablanca, #9 US; #3 UK)
1977: Once Upon A Time (Casablanca, #16 US; #24 UK)
1978: Live and More (Casablanca, #1 US; #16 UK)
1979: Bad Girls (Casablanca, #1 US; #2 R&B; #23 UK)
1980: The Wanderer (Geffen, #13 US; #4 R&B; #55 UK)
1981: I'm a Rainbow (Geffen, unreleased until 1996 by Mercury)
1982: Donna Summer (Geffen, #20 US; #13 UK)
1983: She Works Hard for the Money (Mercury, #9 US; #28 UK)
1984: Cats Without Claws (Geffen), #40 US; #69 UK)
1987: All Systems Go (Geffen, #122 US)
1989: Another Place and Time (Atlantic, #53 US, #17 UK)
1991: Mistaken Identity (Atlantic, #97 R&B)
1994: Christmas Spirit (Mercury)
1999: Live & More Encore (Epic, #43 US)
2003: "The Journey - The Very Best Of Donna Summer"

Hit Singles

1974 "The Hostage"
1974 "Lady Of The Night"
1975 "Love To Love You Baby"
1976 "Could It Be Magic"
1976 "Try Me, I Know We Can Make It"
1976 "Spring Affair"
1977 "Winter Melody"
1977 "Can't We Just Sit Down (And Talk It Over)"
1977 "I Feel Love"
1977 "Down Deep Inside (Theme From 'The Deep')"
1977 "I Remember Yesterday"
1977 "Love's Unkind"
1977 "I Love You"
1978 "Rumour Has It"
1978 "Back In Love Again"
1978 "Last Dance"
1978 "MacArthur Park"
1978 "Once Upon a Time"
1979 "Heaven Knows" (With Brooklyn Dreams)
1979 "Hot Stuff"
1979 "Bad Girls"
1979 "Dim All The Lights"
1979 "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" (with Barbra Streisand)
1980 "On the Radio"
1980 "Walk Away"
1980 "Sunset People"
1980 "The Wanderer"
1980 "Cold Love"
1981 "Who Do You Think You're Foolin'"
1982 "Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)"
1982 "State of Independence"
1982 "I Feel Love" (1982 Remix)
1982 "The Woman In Me"
1983 "She Works Hard For The Money"
1983 "Unconditional Love" (Featuring Musical Youth)
1983 "Love Has A Mind Of It's Own" (With Matthew Ward)
1984 "Stop Look And Listen"
1984 "There Goes My Baby"
1984 "Supernatural Love"
1985 "Eyes"
1987 "Dinner With Gershwin" (remix)
1987 "Only The Fool Survives" (With Mickey Thomas)
1988 "All Systems Go"
1989 "This Time I Know It's for Real"
1989 "I Don't Wanna Get Hurt"
1989 "Love's About To Change My Heart"
1989 "When Love Takes Over You" -
1990 "State Of Independence" (Reissue)
1991 "Breakaway"
1991 "Work That Magic" -
1991 "When Love Cries"
1994 "Melody Of Love (wanna be loved)"
1995 "I Feel Love" (With Masters At Work)
1996 "Whenever There Is Love" (With Bruce Roberts)
1991 "State Of Independence" (1996 Remix)
1997 "Carry On" (With Giorgio Moroder)
1999 "I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiro)
1999 "Love Is The Healer"
2000 "The Power Of One"
2004 "You're So Beautiful"
2004 "Dream-A-Lot's Theme (I Will Live For Love)"
2005 "I Got Your Love"

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They come a considerable ways! Dads won have to help feel uncomfortable carrying a feminine diaper bag.

In the meanwhile, collar women like the Gucci most.

The donkey jacket is most commonly observed on building sites.

At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.".

Mais le plus c茅l猫bre et le plus populairetn pas cher La version tout blanc, connu comme 芦 blanc sur blanc 禄, poursuit le succ猫s et fait maintenant partie de l'Air Force One est comme Jay Z et Damon Dash (ROC patron dossiers gars) envoy茅s par des personnes qui portent une paire de Air Force chaque jour pour maintenir sa derni猫re blancheur sur blanc.

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She doubled up laughing midway through and tried it again..

Therefore, diet and body weight reducing programs are becoming significantly common.

鈻?The Boca Raton Resort and Club, 501 E.

The event was in celebration of Black History Month to recognize African American women that have made their mark in history for their success and have influenced the style of dress for all women.

Martina, Dan, Joel et Will s' taient associ s Martin Solveig pour son titre "Hello".

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They can be portable and handheld.

I can't put it down and it is now my staple handbag.

It is important not to be angry with Mr.


s'en tenir 脿 vous ne pourrez pas obtenir les deux chaussures air max bw , vous serez dans un Etat de prendre en compte en ce qui concerne le prox茅n茅tisme simplement la m茅thode de l'Internet bas茅e dans la majorit茅 des web-domaines que les articles de ces chaussures ou des bottes des gens 茅tonnants..

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It is my opinion you adore this unique lv turbo 20 advertising and marketing ladies handbag.

The works tends to be that every sees in awesome goes toward the top part tier coach stores.

Men's neckwear has gone retro with skinny ties at the throats of hipsters, but is the typical male ready to go really retro with an ascot? Think effete English dandy, not macho American guy.

But gains have been harder to come by since the benchmark S index hit a five-year high on February 1.

turk chat sur La curation, "une pratique loin d'锚tre nouvelle" Miriam sur Geek c'est chic, le retour Keleivis sur Voici la nouvelle manette pour PS3 beton delme sur Geek c'est chic, le retour girl games 4 u sur Mozilla : "Notre mission est d'am茅liorer le web" get rid of anxiety sur Education et technologies : un mariage d'avenir chatroulette sur "Il ne faut pas dramatiser" le passage 脿 l'IPv6 tchatche sur James, 20.000 euros d'amende pour avoir t茅l茅charg茅 hotel escorts sur "Il ne faut pas dramatiser" le passage 脿 l'IPv6 Cialis sur Pol茅mique autour de la prochaine Nintendo

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I remember hearing a chap on the radio say that adventure is not canoeing the rapids in Borneo or drinking frogs blood at a central american red light hotel, it was calling in on the neighbour you don really know or like.

They can often be customized to show your business name or logo..

The noted Italian label Krizia will be looking to refresh its image next year when it moves from its longtime Madison Avenue neighborhood to a trendier locale amongst the likes of Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen on the western end of 14th Street.

My mom used to love to take me shopping at Sears until she caught this one salesguy trying to look at me while I was trying on bras in the dressing room.

Ou The Good Life.

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We heard there is another Hollywood movie in the works about detectives in El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico, who cooperate to investigate a serial killer at the border.

Use a level of resistance that allows you to complete the assigned number of repetitions.

She said that i had the mark of satan on me and that she wanted someone else to ring her up or she would never do business there again.

After receiving valuable feedback from the judges on their mini-collections, each of the four had a great deal of work to do before the final runway show.

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A fast and practical netbook that may be for the more.
The introduction of the Samsung Chromebook into the marketplace signifies
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devices itself stores all of the information that you
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One user reportedly says that this cover might have got smashed when the phone was ran over by a car, but it did its job in protecting the phone.
Although the official announcement for Samsung Galaxy S3 handset will come in several months, every Android enthusiast is eager see the technical specifications of the Samsung's next flagship smartphone. Here's why:Insulting
advertising - I don't just mean the old ads that slam Apple fans (everyone bashes on Apple fans these days).

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Its appearance is note-bookish and minimalistic having no front button.
If you little bit understand technologies, you can easily root your
Black - Berry. Apple products include the Iphones, Ipads and Ipods all at
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this particular harmonizes your expenses. in recent times a large number of public safety officers and as a result local administrators need persevered the mood with their crowds of people in utilization of their - for preventing dedicated break free from violence, else the prevalence when a organization has won the society we live in chain or shining.physical prizes including the trophies, award capital are the motivators near competitive sports very..
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