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La Bionda - English

La Bionda

Formed 1978, Italy
Disbanded 1982
Carmelo La Bionda (lead vocals, keyboards)
Michelangelo La Bionda (keyboards)
Related Artists Righeira
Also Known As D.D. Sound
Genres set pop, disco, italo disco

Italian brothers Angelo & Carmelo La Bionda had already had Southern European hits with their two D.D. Sound albums in 1977, recorded in Munich. In 1978, they decided to give themselves full credit and record an album as La Bionda. Basically recorded with the same crew of musicians and backing singers, the first La Bionda single "One For You, One For Me" was released in May 1978 to become a summer smash hit of the year. With its simple but irresistible nursery rhyme chorus, the song topped the Italian charts and also became a #2 hit in Germany (although only a minor #54 hit in the UK). The 5-track album was a German #10 LP when licensed to Ariola and also yielded a club hit with the 10-minutes "Sandstorm".

The brothers spent the rest of 1978 recording the third D. D. Sound album Café while simultaneously recording the second La Bionda album Bandido, released in December, accompanied by the lead single "Baby Make Love" which couldn't repeat the success of "One For You, One For Me", it peaked at the German #18 while becoming a Swiss #7 hit. Just like the first album, Bandido was an equally strong Munich-disco production with the brothers' catchy melodies and lyricist Richard W. Palmer James' clever lyrics - in May, the title track was released as the second single, a special remix was done for the 12" release.

For their third album release High Energy, La Bionda were aware of the change in the disco scene and followed in the footsteps of Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff", adding a more rock-oriented sound to their record, but neither "Disco Roller (C'mon And Rock'n Roll)" nor "I Got Your Number" did well outside Italy.

The end of 1980 saw the brothers release the quirky synth-pop tune "I Wanna Be Your Lover", the title track off their fourth La Bionda album which was much more plain pop tunes rather than dance tracks, and the public interest was waning. They recorded a song for an Italian TV programme, 1982's "Boxes", but then retired from the limelight to produce other artists. In 1983, they scored another big summer hit with Righeira's "Vamos A La Playa". Carmelo La Bionda released the solo single "I Love You", 1985.

The late 90s saw Toblerone chocolate revive "One For You, One For Me" for one of their commercials, and various compilation CDs have also been released. The brothers released the CD-single "Eeah Da Da" in 1997.

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