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Skyy - The Anthology
Label: Suss'd Records
Catalog#: SALSA CD 030
Format: 2 x CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 2006
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Disco
Quality: MP3,@320K,cover
Source: Internet
Size: 336 MB


CD1.1 First Time Around (Original Album Version) 6:40
CD1.2 Let´s Turnt It Out (Original Album Version) 6:36
CD1.3 Fallin´ In Love Again (Original Album Version) 4:52
CD1.4 Disco Dancin (Original Album Version) 4:11
CD1.5 High (Original Album Version) 5:55
CD1.6 Skyyzoo (Original Album Version) 4:57
CD1.7 Love Plane (Original Album Version) 5:22
CD1.8 Here´s To You (Original Album Version) 5:11
CD1.9 I Can´t Get Enough (Original Album Version) 4:59
CD1.10 Super Love (Original Album Version) 5:03
CD1.11 Easy (Original Album Version) 4:57
CD1.12 For The First Time (Original Album Version) 4:00
CD1.13 When You Touch Me (Original Album Version) 3:33
CD1.14 Girl In Blue (Original Album Version) 4:23
CD1.15 Get Into The Beat (Original Album Version) 4:27

CD2.1 Call Me (Original Album Version) 6:20
CD2.2 Let´s Celebrate (Original Album Version) 5:31
CD2.3 Won´t You Be Mine (Original Album Version) 5:31
CD2.4 Let Love Shine (Original Album Version) 4:53
CD2.5 Bad Boy (Original Album Version) 5:15
CD2.6 Married Man (Original Album Version) 4:40
CD2.7 Questions No Answer (Original Album Version) 5:38
CD2.8 Now That We Found Love (Original Album Version) 4:09
CD2.9 Hey Girl (Original Album Version) 4:57
CD2.10 Show Me The Way (Original Album Version) 5:02
CD2.11 Swing It (Original Album Version) 3:56
CD2.12 Because Of You (Original Album Version) 4:30
CD2.13 Dancin´ To Be Dancin´ (Original Album Version) 4:05
CD2.14 Love Is Blind (Original Album Version) 3:37
CD2.15 Slow Motion (Original Album Version) 3:25


A New York City octet, one of three funk and/or disco bands in which producer/keyboardist Randy Muller was involved. The original lineup featured Denise, Delores, and Bonny Dunning as vocalists, with guitarists Solomon Roberts and Anibal Anthony Sierra, keyboardist Larry Greenberg, bassist Gerald Lebon, and drummer Tommy McConnell. Muller organized the group and they recorded for Salsoul from the late '70s until 1984. Their biggest hit was "Call Me" in 1981, an R&B chart-topper. They could do sweeping funk tracks, dance-oriented cuts, or light ballads, although they never enjoyed the crossover success of a group like Atlantic Starr. They moved to Capitol in 1986 and enjoyed their biggest hit in quite some time with "Givin' It (To You)," a Top Ten R&B single. They recorded Start of a Romance for Atlantic in 1989 and landed another hit with "Real Love." Their most recent release was Nearer to You in 1992. ~ Ron Wynn, All Music Guide

Included on this anthology are the best tracks from Skyy's seven Salsoul albums - 1Skyy1, 1Skyway1, 1Skyyport1, 1Skyyline1, 1Skyyjammer1, 1Skyylight1 and 1Inner City1 and as with the Instant Funk package the emphasis is very much on FUNK! Containing no less than 13 of their U.S. R'n'B Chart smashes, this anthology traces the whole history of Randy Muller's band for the Salsoul label including such killers as 1First Time Around1, 1High1, 1Here's To You1, 1Call Me1, 1Let's Celebrate1, 1Show Me The Way1 etc, etc. The package includes the usual lovingly put together 20 page booklet with extensive sleeve notes, scans, photos and memorabilia from one of the U.S.'s premier league contemporary funk acts. This should be a 'must-stock' item for all accounts who maintain a serious black music back cat section and should be in there along with Sly & The Family Stone, Kool & The Gang, Parliament and the Isley Brothers. 2006

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