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D.D. Sound - English

D.D. Sound

Disco Delivery Sound
Formed 1977, Italy
Disbanded 1981
Members Michelangelo La Bionda (keyboards)
Carmelo La Bionda (lead vocals, keyboards)
Related Artists Righeira
Also Known As Disco Delivery Sound, La Bionda

The two brothers Angelo & Carmelo La Bionda were Italian superstars of the disco era. Having produced Amanda Lear's debut single "La Bagarre / Lethal Leading Lady", 1976, the duo broke big in Southern Europe with their D. D. Sound project, an abbreviation of Disco Delivery Sound. The singles "Disco Bass", "Shopping Baby" and especially "1-2-3-4 Gimme Some More", recorded in Munich, were all big Italian hits. In 1978, the brothers then recorded one album in their own name as La Bionda which yielded a European #1 hit single with "One For You, One For Me" but other than that, their La Bionda records - although recorded with the same personnel - would never be as successful as their D. D. Sound records. D. D. Sound's third album Café (1978) contained the hit singles "She's Not A Disco Lady" and the title track which was significantly remixed for the US LP release on Emergency records. Also their fourth album Hootchie Cootchie (1979) kept the boogie thumping with the title track released on single. Their final release was 1981 with the non-album single "Wake Up In The Night / The Night They Invented The Disco" before the brothers withdrew to work as producers for other artists. Success didn't elude them - in 1983, their songs "Vamos A La Playa" gave Righeira the summer hit of the year.

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