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Grace Jones – Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions

Grace Jones – Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions

Compilation album by Grace Jones
Released June 16, 1998
Recorded 1980-1982 (1985)
Genre Urban, Dance-pop, Soul, Disco, R'n'B
Length 152:40 minutes
Label Island Records
Genre: Disco, Disco-Punk Fusion
Codec: Lame 3.92
Quality: CBR, 320kbps, stereo

Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions is a two disc anthology released by Island Records in 1998.

Grace Jones recorded three albums with Sly & Robbie during the period of 1980-1982. Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions contains long and extended version of her hits, although the CD booklet claims that these haven't been issued before, most of them have in fact appeared on numerous CD re-issues around the world. Other tracks were very obviously remixed or re-edited by the PolyGram/Universal Music engineers in 1998 for this particular compilation - this instead of using the many existing long or extended versions by original producers Chris Blackwell and Alex Sadkin that were mixed and released on vinyl in 1980-1982. Also the track "Living My Life" appears as an edited remix by Paul "Groucho" Smykle - dating from 1987, which the liner notes fail to mention. To make matters worse and for one reason or another (read: sales) "Slave To The Rhytm" concludes the "Compass Point Sessions" album while the track actually, and to most Grace Jones fans' knowledge, was recorded in 1985, in London and with British producer Trevor Horn. Also the mix used, here renamed "Hot Blooded Version", is again an alternate 1998 re-mix/re-edit of the original 12" version entitled "Blooded".

On the other hand, this compilation does offer two previously unreleased songs from the "Living My Life" sessions: Man Around The House and a demo recording of Johnny Cash's classic Ring of Fire.

Track listing

Disc One

Private Life [Original Long Version] - 6:17
Private Life [1998 Dub Re-Edit/Remix] - 8:04
Love Is the Drug [Original Long Version] - 8:38
Breakdown - 5:29
Warm Leatherette [Original Long Version] - 5:35
The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game [Original Long Version] - 6:44
I've Done It Again - 3:50
Pars [1998 Re-Edit/Remix] - 5:41
Pull Up to the Bumper - 4:33
Use Me [1998 Re-Edit/Remix] - 6:10
She's Lost Control [1998 Re-Edit/Remix] - 8:23
She's Lost Control [1998 Dub Re-Edit/Remix] - 8:38

Disc Two

Walking In the Rain [1998 Remix/Re-Edit] - 4:27
Cry Now, Laugh Later - 5:01
Nightclubbing - 5:03
The Apple Stretching - 7:05
Nipple to the Bottle [Original UK 12" Version] - 6:53
My Jamaican Guy [Original US 12" Version] - 7:01
Feel Up - 4:02
I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) - 4:29
Demolition Man [Original Long Version] - 4:56
Unlimited Capacity for Love - 5:44
Ring of Fire (Demo) - 3:56
Man Around the House - 4:12
Living My Life [1987 7" Remix Edit] - 3:31
Slave To The Rhythm [1998 "Hot Blooded Version"] - 8:18

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