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Meco - Plays Music From 'The Empire Strikes Back'

Meco - Plays Music From 'The Empire Strikes Back'

Label: RSO Records, Inc.
Catalog#: RO-1-3086
Format: Vinyl, 10"
Country: US
Released: 1980
Genre: Electronic
Style: Disco
Credits: Co-producer - Lance Quinn , Tony Bongiovi
Drums - Steve Gadd

Original Release Date: 1980
Label: RSO
ASIN: RO-1-3086
Genre: Disco
Codec: Lame 3.92
Quality: CBR, 192kbps, stereo

1980 US 4-track white title label promotional 10" vinyl record, featuring tracks from the film, including The Battle In The Snow and The Force Theme, custom stickered, gold promotional stamped picture sleeve.


A1 Darth Vader / Yoda's Theme
A2 The Battle In The Snow
A3 The Force Theme
B1 The Asteroid Field / Finale

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From http://www.geocities.com/mecofan/

The second part (of fifth, if you believe George Lucas) of the Star Wars saga couldn't be complete without MECO producing a version of John Williams' score. This time things were slightly different however. Harold Wheeler didn't participate in this record, and Lance Quinn took up his place in the producers team with Meco and Tony Bongiovi. Lance had participated as guitarist in the previous albums by MECO, and this time he and Meco were in charge of the music arrangements, with Meco responsible for horns and strings. Like in Moondancer, Meco played keyboards in the orchestra.

The result of substituting Harold Wheeler by guitarist Lance at the arrangements, was a complete change of sound. MECO didn't sound like MECO anymore and fans like me felt a bit "betrayed" at that time. Lance's arrangements hadn't that orchestral sound. In fact, it wasn't disco and it sounded more like a rock band disguised as an orchestra. However, although I still prefer Harold 's arrangements, I must say that this is a record that has improved with time.

This album only featured music from the movie, this time divided into four parts: Empire Strikes Back (medley): Darth Vader/Yoda's theme, The battle in the snow, The Force theme, and The Asteroid Field/Finale. The sound effects were the real stuff this time, and were provided by Lucasfilm. In fact, Lucasfilm was careful by keeping a grip around MECO in this release and the Christmas album (see below), that were produced by RSO Records. It seems that they didn't want to be left behind as happened with MECO's Star Wars.

In "The Best of MECO" you can find the first theme (that was released as a single, which reached #18 in the charts) and the last one from this album that has not been re-released. A shame, specially for The battle in the Snow theme, which would deserve better.

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Here is a link to a 320 rip of Meco's Empire Strikes Back EP: