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Boney M - 1977 - Love For Sale

Boney M - 1977 - Love For Sale

Label: Hansa
Catalog#: 28 888 OT
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Germany
Released: 1977
Genre: Electronic
Style: Disco
Credits: Producer - Frank Farian
Notes: GEMA
LC 0835


A1 Ma Baker (4:10) Written By - Farian / Reyam / F. Jay
A2 Love For Sale (5:10) Written By - C. Porter
A3 Belfast (3:40) Written By - D. Deutscher / J. Ménke / J. Billsbury
A4 Have You Ever Seen The Rain (3:35) Written By - J. C. Fogerty
A5 Gloria, Can You Waddle (4:00) Written By - F. Farian / Reyam
B1 Plantation Boy (4:58) Written By - T. king / F. Jay
B2 Motherless Child (5:00) Written By - F. Farian / Mitchell
B3 Silent Lover (4:30) Written By - K. Forsey / F. Farian / F. Jay / Bjorklund
B4 A Woman Can Change A Man (3:34) Written By - F. Farian / F. Jay
B5 Still I'm Sad (3:42) Written By - S. Smith / McCarthy

Codec: Lame 3.92
Quality: CBR, 320kbps, stereo

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Review by Søren Jensen http://rateyourmusic.com

Opening with a snarling 'Freeze, I'm Ma Baker, put your hands in the air and gimme all your money', the album takes off with the story of gangster Ma Barker, whose name has had the 'R' erased for phonetic reasons, a rousing bass line along with the same gimmick percussion that was used in 'Daddy Cool' (the producer Frank Farian playing on his teeth with a pen and 'tick-tocking' orally), and a pounding, military disco beat, with hard-edged vocals by Marcia Barrett and Liz Mitchell answering back to the deep male voice (sung by Farian). The single topped the charts all over Europe, in the UK it was hold back from the top spot only by Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love'! Following 'Ma Baker' is the album title track, a sophisticated disco re-make of Cole Porter's classic, brilliantly and intriguingly arranged by Stefan Klinkhammer, who seems to grew over himself by re-arranging Jazz standarts. The song was also intended as the second single off the album; it was, however, decided to release 'Belfast' instead which was the first Boney M. single to feature lead vocals by Marcia Barrett. Farian at first wasn't too sure that this song suited a Boney M. album as the song thematising the Civil War in Northern Ireland, so the song had first been released in German by his other act Gilla. It was however a song that had been originally written for Marcia when she was a solo artist in the early 70s, so Farian added her version to the album in the last minute (There are test pressings of the album without it!) It became another Top 10-hit across Europe, including in the UK where it caused some controversy because of the lyrics. Liz Mitchell leads the next song, a cover version of Cleerance Clearwater Revival's 'Have You Ever Seen The Rain', with a charming Jamaican flavor to her vocals. Frank Farian takes the lead on the closing track of side 1, the disco stomping 'Gloria Can You Waddle' with backing vocals by Black Beauty Circus, the band who'd accompany Boney M. on their subsequent tour. Side 2 opens with a lovely mid-tempo-with-a-reggae-feel track 'Plantation Boy', then leading on to another surprising cover version, this time the gospel standard 'Motherless Child' turned into a 4/4 stomping disco hymn, and another highlight of the album with its complex musical arrangement, the unique sound of Liz Mitchell's lead vocal, and the chanting chorus. 'Silent Lover' is a wonderful, much underrated, funky gem with excellent, sexy and jazzy vocals by Marcia Barrett who sighs and pleads for her silent, secret lover to be there when she wants him ... Farian re-wrote his own 'Laß mir Zeit, dich zu lieben' into A Woman Can Change A Man', returning to the disco beat before a surprisingly eery, melancholic 'Still I'm Sad' featuring one of the most mesmerizing vocal performances by Liz Mitchell, closes the album.

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