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Precious Wilson – 1980 -On The Race Track

Precious Wilson – 1980 -On The Race Track

Label: Hansa
Catalog#: 202 912-320
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Germany
Released: 1980
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Funk, Disco
Credits: Producer - Frank Farian


A1 We Are On The Race Track (3:33)
A2 Cry To Me (4:22)
A3 Stop Runnin' (3:05)
A4 Stay By My Side (4:51)
A5 You Ain't Got Love (3:41)
B1 If I Loved You Less (4:25)
B2 Together Forever (4:13)
B3 Mr. Pilot Man (3:33)
B4 Funky Dancer (3:04)
B5 Killing Me Softly (3:50)

Codec: Lame 3.92
Quality: CBR, 320kbps, stereo

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A very fine soul album, produced in Germany. Expectations were sky high for Precious Wilson's first album in her own name, but commercially the album never fulfilled the high demands which is a shame, it had deserved to do much better. Precious Wilson's powerful voice sounds fantastic as she gives her all to these tunes which consists of a fair share of soul covers, "Cry To Me" (the first single), "Stop Runnin'", "You Ain't Got Love" and "Killing Me Softly", all expertly produced by Frank Farian. The original material includes the second single, "We Are On The Race Track", the excellent Bee Gees-style "If I Loved You Less" (originally recorded by Emily Jones), and the very highlight of the album, the majestic gospel ballad "Stay By My Side", penned by Keith Forsey, accompanied by a piano only and beautiful black harmony vocals by La Mama. That one sends shivers down my spine. Frank Farian's "white-wash" of R&B may have prevented Precious from breaking big as a major soul star or maybe the timing was just not good. But the album makes for great listening anyway.

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