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Eruption – English

Eruption - English

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The original members were Greg Perrineau, Morgan Perrineau, Jerry Williams, Eric Kingsley, and Precious Wilson (born 18 October 1957, in Spanish Town, Jamaica). Eruption was formed in 1974 in Britain. In 1975 they won the RCA Soul Search Contest, whilst their first single "Let Me Take Your Back in Time" was released in 1976.

By 1977 Frank Farian, the producer of Boney M, had taken control of the group's career. Farian constructed in St. Ingbert, in the Saarland, a disco called "Rendezvous." The disco was designed to test the groups and tracks he produced at the time. He held the opinion that any gigs in discos could show the quality of these items. In these gigs he discovered Precious Wilson's soulful voice.

Farian duly signed the group with the Germany-based Hansa Records.

Their 1978 cover of "I Can't Stand the Rain" was a big hit, reaching number five in the UK Singles Chart, and number 18 in U.S. Billboard Hot 100. One year later they released their well known hit, "One Way Ticket". But, Precious Wilson left the group in 1979 in favour of a solo career. She was replaced by Kim Davies. The band remained active until the mid 1980s.

Precious Wilson still performs sometimes under the brand name "Eruption", with her new backing band.



1977 Eruption
1978 Leave a Light
1980 Fight Fight Fight
1983 Our Way
1994 Gold 20 Superhits
1995 I Can't Stand The Rain


"Let Me Take You Back In Time" (1976)
"I Can't Stand The Rain" / "Be Yourself" (1977)
"Party Party" (1978)
"Leave A Light" (1978)
"One Way Ticket" / "Left Me In The Rain" (1979)
"Sweet Side" (1979)
"Go Johnnie Go" / "Call My Name" (1980)
"You (You Are My Soul)" (1980)
"Runaway" / "Good Good Feeling" (1980)
"Up And Away" (1982)
"In A Thousand Years" / "We Don't Need Nobody" (1983)
"I Can't Help Myself" / "It's The Same Old Song" (1983)
"Joy To The World" / "Time" (1983)
"Where Do I Begin" (1984)
"I Can't Stand The Rain '88" (1988)
"One Way Ticket '94" (1994)

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