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Grand 12 Inches Vol 2 Cd 4 by Ben Liebrand

Grand 12 Inches Vol 2 Cd 4 by Ben Liebrand

CD 4 (Funk , Pop & Alternative)

1. the Jacksons – Can You Feel It (Live Version) 06:08
2. M – Popmuzik (12" Version) 04:54
3. Paul Hardcastle – 19 (12" Version) 05:14
4. Mdmc – How About It (12" Version) 07:24
5. the Bbq Band – On the Beat (Original 12"Version) 05:55
6. Sunbelt– Spin It (12" Version) 07:38
7. Felix – Don't You Want Me (12" Version) 05:54
8. Yazoo – Don't Go (Vocal + Dub Version) 08:25
9. Sheila E – Glamorous Life 06:34
(Sheila E.)
10. Macho – I'm a Man (Full Length Version) 17:34

Codec: Lame 3.92
Quality: CBR, 320kbps, stereo

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CD 4 (Pop + Alternative + More)

1. The Jacksons – Can You Feel It (Live version) 06:08
"Can Youuu Feeeel It!!!!" Yes, that's where Todd Terry has taken it from.

2. M – Popmuzik (12" version) 04:54

This is Pop music in the true meaning of the word. It was featured on a double groove 12" version and this is the full version ending with "Loud and clear clear clear". ZTT dug up the master copy for me and although it sounds a bit noisy in the beginning, it still is the best sounding version I cam across.
3. Paul Hardcastle – 19 (12" version) 05:14

Paul's biggest hit and rightfully so, here in the original English 12" version

4. MDMC – How About It (12" version) 07:24

Produced by Sander Bos and myself and a pretty experimental 12" it became. The track made it to no.1 in the dance charts in Europe and the version presented here is taken form my own master archive.

5. The BB&Q Band – On The Beat (original 12"version) 05:55

There is a longer remix, but I opted for the original version comparing many versions on CD to find the cleanest one.

6. Sunbelt– Spin It (12" version) 07:38

The first time ever for this to appear on CD. This was one of the tracks that found it's way to my dance floor on the famous Disconet DJ-only label.

7. Felix – Don't You Want Me (12" version) 05:54

A more recent "Grand 12 inch". Daring and with great dynamics in it's build-up

8. Yazoo – Don't Go (vocal + dub version) 08:25

Presented here in the Vocal + Dub Version. A great New-wave dance track from the 80's in master quality

9. Sheila E – Glamorous Life 06:34

(Sheila E.)
There is an ever longer album version, but this is the one that worked best on the dance floor.

10. Macho – I'm A Man (full length version) 17:34

Spinning this in the Keizer Karel Club in Nijmegen in the early 80's and mixing it to "Revanche" or "Easy Going's" "Fear". I found a shorter 11 minute master which was labeled being digital, but which sounded over- processed and was pumping into distortion. Frans vd Kamp came to me with a vinyl transfer which simply sounded better. Dilemma.... An over-eager mastering engineer probably ruined the only master version around, so this is the closest to conveying you the way it should sound, and to ease the pain of loss, in it's full 17:34 version.

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