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Mixed With Love - The Walter Gibbons Salsoul Anthology

Mixed With Love
The Walter Gibbons Salsoul Anthology

Various Artists 3CD
Salsoul/Suss'd (UK) / 2004 / SALSA CD 015
All selections mixed by Walter Gibbons
Compiled by Jeremy Newall and Ian Dewhirst


CD One - The Madness Begins...

1. Ten Percent (12" Mix) (9.56) / Double Exposure
2. Block Party (12" Mix) (5.47) / Anthony White
3. Catch Me On The Rebound (12" Mix) (10.47) / Loleatta Holloway
4. Just As Long As I Got You (12" Mix) (8.41) / Love Committee
5. It's Good For The Soul ("Disco Madness" Album Remix) (7.07) / The Salsoul Orchestra
6. Let No Man Put Asunder ("Disco Madness" Album Remix) (4.43) / First Choice
7. Love Is Finally Coming My Way (12" Mix) (6.20) / True Example
8. We're Getting Stronger (The Longer We Stay Together) (7.23) / Loleatta Holloway
9. Cheaters Never Win (12" Mix) (7.55) / Love Committee
10. I Wish That I Could Make Love To You (Album Mix) (6.08) / Double Exposure

CD Two - The Madness Continues...

1. Nice N' Naasty (12" Mix) (5.25) / The Salsoul Orchestra
2. Hit And Run (12" Mix) (11.10) / Loleatta Holloway
3. My Love Is Free ("Disco Madness" Album Remix) (4.54) / Double Exposure
4. As Long As You Love Me (12" Mix) (5.35) / True Example
5. Catch Me On The Rebound - Instrumental (12" Mix) (7.22) / The Salsoul Orchestra
6. Can't Turn You Loose (12" Mix) (5.39) / Anthony White
7. Ten Percent ("Disco Madness" Album Remix) (7.07) / Double Exposure
8. Law And Order (12" Mix) (9.35) / Love Committee
9. Ice Cold Love (Album Mix) (6.12) / Double Exposure
10. Where Will It End (12" Mix) (7.41) / Love Committee

CD Three - Total Insanity...

1. Salsoul 3001 (12" Mix) (6.46) / The Salsoul Orchestra
2. Moon Maiden (12" Mix) (8.51) / Luv You Madly Orchestra
3. (Dance With Me) Let's Believe (12" Mix) (8.45) / Cellophane
4. Catch Me On The Rebound ("Disco Madness" Album Remix) (7.20) / Loleatta Holloway
5. Rocket Rock (12" Mix) (4.23) / Luv You Madly Orchestra
6. Magic Bird Of Fire ("Disco Madness" Album Remix) (8.04) / The Salsoul Orchestra
7. (Super Queen (12" Mix) (9.30) / Cellophane
8. Stand By Your Man (12" Mix) (7.47) / Robin Hooker Band
9. Your Cheatin' Heart (12" Mix) (9.28) / Robin Hooker Band

Codec: Lame 3.92
Quality: CBR, 320kbps, stereo

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From http://www.discomusic.com

An excellent compilation of Walter Gibbons' mixes for the Salsoul label. Possibly one of the more prolific mixers of the disco era, known for his at the time eccentric, out-the-box mixing style. Considering that it's common for labels today to commission remixes that radically alter the original, Gibbons was really a pioneer in remixing. Overall this set has an eclectic selection featuring some Salsoul staples such as Double Exposure, Loleatta Holloway, Love Committee and all the way to the more obscure like Cellophane, Luv You Madly Orchestra and country-disco from the Robin Hooker Band..

The artwork and layout is impressive as is the 40 page booklet, with very extensive liner notes by Tim Lawrence (author of "Love Saves The Day") featuring quotes from Tom Moulton, Ken Cayre and Jellybean Benitez among others.. Lawrence writes a very interesting account of Gibbons life and his influence on disco and beyond.. Quite possibly the closest thing to a Walter Gibbons biography out there.. The sound quality is generally consistent throughout, even if there are some tracks mastered from vinyl, but only a few of those are noticeably so.

There really aren't any bad tracks on here - although I'm not crazy about Anthony White's "Can't Turn You Loose" or the country covers, Gibbons at times off-the-wall (see his mix of The Salsoul Orchestra's "It's Good For The Soul"), rhythmic style has it's own brilliance.. Even if it only covers his Salsoul work, this set does a great job of highlighting Walter Gibbons' contributions and place in disco history. Highly recommended.

From All Music Guide

One of the dance figures whose influence and exposure far exceeds his actual name-recognition association, Walter Gibbons pioneered the concept of the remix and 12-inch single in America. Influenced by Jamaican dub producers, Gibbons began altering tracks for his DJ sets in the early '70s, then took his innovations to the studio and recorded the first commercially available remix singles. He started his career as a DJ, and became one of the most popular mixers in New York by the early '70s. Gibbons began working for Salsoul Records in 1976, and recorded his first remix singles that year, Double Exposure's "Ten Percent" and the Salsoul Orchestra's "Nice 'N' Nasty." Utterly transformed with the addition of echo/reverb effects borrowed from dub and drum breaks, the singles influenced dozens of producers (and DJs).

As well, the tracks' influence hardly ended away from the dancefloor. Released on the 12-inch vinyl format at a cheap price, they became incredibly popular and soon spurred other labels (including the majors) to begin releasing their own 12-inch remix singles as well. Gibbons also worked on tracks for West End and Gold Mind during the late '70s, but was inactive for several years. He returned in 1984 with his most seminal record yet, a classic on New York's growing garage scene known as "Set It Off." Gibbons' original soon became the "Roxanne, Roxanne" of the garage community, swamped by dozens of remakes and answer tracks, including versions by C. Sharp, Maquerade, Number 1 and Strafe (the latter is undoubtedly the most-heard and definitive). He also remixed a 1986 Arthur Russell single for Sleeping Bag, Indian Ocean's "Tree House/School Bell," but later left the recording industry altogether. He died in 1994.

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Thanks for these great efforts to share those magic years with us.

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