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Motown Disco - Various Artists

Motown Disco
Various Artists

Motown (UK) / 2005 / 982 3087-2
Two (2) CD set in slim double jewel case

Motown Disco: Soulful Grooves From The 70's & 80's
Original recording remastered


CD 1 of 2

Law Of The Land 5:04 The Temptations
Keep On Truckin' 7:58 Eddie Kendricks
Love Hangover 7:51 Diana Ross
Down To Love Town 5:56 The Originals
High Energy 5:27 The Supremes
Date With The Rain 2:43 Eddie Kendricks
Saturday Night, Sunday Morning 6:17 Thelma Houston
Got To Give It Up 11:52 Marvin Gaye
You And I 8:00 Rick James & The Stone City Band
Standing On The Verge (Of Getting It On) 5:38 Platinum Hook
Get It Up For Love 5:50 Tata Vega

CD 2 of 2

Need To Know You (Better) 5:28 Finished Touch
Don't Leave Me This Way 5:46 Thelma Houston
Nowhere To Run 9:12 The Dynamic Superiors
(I Love To See You) Dancin' 4:15 Jerry Butler
Tailgate 5:45 21st Creation
The Boss 7:24 Diana Ross
I Was Born This Way 6:32 Carl Bean
Behind the Groove 6:03 Teena Marie
Big C 6:26 Rick James
(You Pulled A) Switch 4:03 Switch
In and out 7:23 Willie Hutch

Codec: Lame 3.92
Quality: CBR, 320kbps, stereo

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From http://www.discomusic.com/

Motown Disco is a well done double CD compilation out of the UK that features great sounding full album and extended versions of 70s and 80s soulful grooves. Well worth getting.

Posted by: Michael Sawer

Excellent, excellent album! The Tempt's "Law of the Land" is considered one of disco's earliest "rumblings on the dance floor" along with Eddie Kendrick's "Keep On Truckin'" and the cult classic "Date with the Rain." Diana Ross's "Love Hangover" and Thelma Houston's "Don't Leave Me This Way" are acknowledged Legends but so are the underrated 1979 12'' mixes of "The Boss" and "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning." It is incredible to have Teena Marie's "Behind The Groove" and Rick James's "You and I" back on CD but I was especially knocked out by Carl Bean's soulful ode to gay tolerance "I Was Born This Way" which is just as timely now as it was in the seventies when it was first released! Motown promises to release more of this funky material in the future so I'm looking real foreward to that!

From Editorial Reviews www.amazon.com
Product Description

When people talk about the `Motown sound' they usually mean the golden period of the 1960s, the mighty pop soul ballads of Smokey Robinson, or jive-perfect dancers by the likes of the Supremes or Martha Reeves & The Vandellas. It's often forgotten that, along with many of its artists, Motown adapted well to the 70s disco boom and the new sounds coming out of labels such as Salsoul, Philadelphia International and TK. And, ironically, that it produced many of the 70s and early 80s disco classics on which today's dance sound is more genuinely based. In the late 70s, with the demise of their Invictus label, the legendary Holland brothers (who had written so many of Motown's 60s classics with their partner Lamont Dozier) returned to the Motown camp to join multi-talented song writing teams such as Ashford & Simpson, Sawyer & McLeod and Mike & Brenda Sutton who were all able to perfectly capture the essence of the disco era. And the soulful vocalists and stellar musicians already in house at Motown were able to carry it all off with the sort of performances the material deserved. Of course, Motown's two biggest hitters, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, also both made their very best records in the 70s, and both dabbled successfully in disco from time to time. Add funky new acts like Rick James, Stone City Band and Teena Marie and Motown pretty much had all soulful dancefloor bases covered during the disco era. They were also the first to `eye cue' their 12" disco discs, giving DJs the track's BPM and info on the exact length of the various sections of the song - one of the earliest examples of a record company recognising how important the DJ was to become. By `79, and very much with the DJ in mind, 12"s such as Diana Ross' `The Boss' were being purposely intro'd with mix-friendly drum beats, something that's become par for the course these days for most dance tracks released. But, as this compilation demonstrates, those disco beats were already infiltrating the Motown sound as early as 1972. Universal.

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