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Cerrone - (2008) Love Ritual (Cerrone XXII)

Cerrone - (2008) Love Ritual (Cerrone XXII)

Audio CD (5 Aug 2008)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Phantom Sound & Vision


1.Lie to me
2.It had to be you
3.Love ritual
4.Hooked on you
5.Music of life
6.Wake the beach
9.Love in c minor
10.Cerrone's paradise
11.38th and you
12.Woman in love
13.Back home

One of the most recognizable brand names in dance music, there’s hardly a house DJ anywhere who doesn’t consider Jean-Marc Cerrone the father of French disco and grandfather of the French-Touch. Daft Punk tapped into his penchant for the paranormal and Bob Sinclar inherited his sophisticated taste in party music, but neither have the secret ingredient; his Eveready-beating drum set.

This release isn’t about remixing the blockbusters for a block party (Sinclar’s 2001 tribute already did that), instead Love Ritual successfully recontextualizes Cerrone’s more understated melodies (Frankie Knuckles takes “Love In C Minor” to the garage, while Joey Negro and Louie Vega preserve the Latin flavor of “Cerrone’s Paradise” and the title track) for the lounge, or better yet, the boudoir. No matter how many guests show up to this sonic orgy (like Nile Rodgers, David Morales, or his boy, Greg Cerrone), it’s still the producer’s own passion for percussion that brings this sexy lounge act to a satisfying climax. (Daniel Siwek)


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