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Grand 12 Inches Vol 2 Cd 2 by Ben Liebrand

Grand 12 Inches Vol 2 Cd 2 by Ben Liebrand

CD 2 (the Funky Grooves)

1. Grandmaster Flash – the Message (12" Version) 07:13
2. Blondie – Rapture (Full Length Version) 10:02
3. Chemise – She Can't Love You (12" Version) 05:04
4. Stephanie Mills – Medicine Song (12" Version) 06:20
5. Colonel Abrams – Trapped (12" Version) 06:28
6. T-connection – At Midnight (12"Version) 09:42
7. Latoya Jackson – If You Feel the Funk (12" Version) 05:11
8. Miami Sound Machine – Dr. Beat (12"Version) 06:31
9 . Peter Brown – Love Is Just the Game (12"Version) 07:00
10. the Limit – Say Yeah (Vocal + Dub Version) 10:34

Codec: Lame 3.92
Quality: CBR, 320kbps, stereo

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CD 2 (The funky grooves)

1. Grandmasters Flash – The Message (12" version) 07:13

From the famous Sugarhill label a landmark piece in Rap and Hip hop

2. Blondie – Rapture (full length version) 10:02

Blondie's short love affair with the dance floors of the clubs resulted in this track that might of just as easy been a chic track. Brought to you in the longest version around.

3. Chemise – She Can't Love You (12" version) 05:04

80's disco in top form along the lines of Patrice rushen. Mellow tempo and groove work like magic. I always remembered the track being longer, but this seems to be the full running time.

4. Stephanie Mills– Medicine Song (12" version) 06:20

Don't you just love that groove!! Great tom fills and sequences bass line combined with a super vocal performance by miss Mills

5. Colonel Abrams – Trapped (12" version) 06:28

All time classic in 12" version. This track saw it's life-span greatly expanded by the very use full acappella version included on the 12". Unfortunately there was no space left to include it...:(

6. T-Connection – At Midnight (12"version) 09:42

In a time with drummers not keeping the rhythm to tight this was a relief with a rock solid groove probably made from a tape-loop and minutes of it before the song kicks in.

7. Latoya Jackson – If You Feel The Funk (12" version) 05:11

No idea how she did it and not a fan of the rest of her doings, but this is a great track and I DO feel the funk.

8. Mimai Sound Machine – Dr. Beat (12"version) 06:31

Taken from the original production master from the archives of Sony.

9 . Peter Brown– Love Is Just The Game (12"version) 07:00

Great track from Peter Brown. I did my homework listening to "Do you wanna get funky with me" from one of his earliest albums. Master quality form original Production master.

10. The Limit– Say Yeah (vocal + dub version) 10:34

Produced by two of my friends (and mentors) Bernard Oattes and Rob van Schaik and mixed by John Luongo (who also did "Relight my fire") this is the definite master to have. Not the radio version messed up by over-eager processing, but the original clean 12" mixes. A and B-side, both taken from the original analog masters. Simply brilliant!

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