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Grand 12 Inches, Vol. 3 by Ben Liebrand CD3

Grand 12 Inches, Vol. 3 by Ben Liebrand

Volume # 3 in the series compiled by Ben Liebrand - the most wanted 12 inch versions of the biggest disco and dance hits from the 70s & 80s. Artists include Anita Ward, Crown Heights Affair, Earth Wind & Fire, George Duke, Herbie Hancock and many more. 4 CD set

Audio CD (June 1, 2006)
Original Release Date: June 1, 2006
Number of Discs: 4
Label: Sbme Import

Disc: 3

Track Listings

1. Awakening, Pts. 1 & 2 - The Reddings
2. Fantasy [Shelter DJ Mix]
3. Love Injection [Album Version]
4. Get Down [12" Version] - Gene Chandler
5. Are You Ready [12" Version] - Billy Ocean
6. I Don't Want to Be a Freak (But I Can't Help It) [12" Version]
7. Tell Everybody [Disco Version] - Herbie Hancock
8. Right in the Socket [12" Version] - Shalamar
9. Now That We've Found Love [12" Version]
10. Brick House [Live] - The Commodores

Codec: Lame 3.92
Quality: CBR, 320kbps, stereo

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Comments by Ben Liebrand
CD 3 (More Funky stuff)

1 The Reddings - The Awakening Pt1+2 03:32

From the B-side of the "Remote Control" 12 inch, this is one of the finest pieces of bass guitar ever.
Used to test PA's in those days, the occasions where rare where I could play it to an audience.
Finally in master quality Part 1 and 2 together

2 Earth,Wind & Fire - fantasy (Blaze shelter DJ mix) 08:57

It is a recent remix, but what makes it special is that is mixed from the original multitrack using only the original sounds. This version gives you an in-depth look into "Fantasy" giving all instruments and melodies ample space to perform. Great mix!

3 Trussel - Love Injection 07:53

Funky Groove from my early years, great vocals.

4 Gene Chandler - get down 08:18

The master is noisy and although it was no problem to get rid of that noise, it did alter the track in such a way that it simply lost that authentic feel. So here it is including noise in Hi-Fi Stereo.

5 Billy Ocean - Are You Ready 06:46

6 Dynasty - I don't wanna be a freak 07:23

Used by 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor to create their first hit, this is the original 12" version.

7 Herbie Hancock - Tell Everybody 07:50

Rock steady groove, great percussion fills and a break that lasts forever with Herbie chanting along using the Sennheiser Vocoder.

8 Shalamar - Right In The Socket 06:42

Feel that electricity in this early electro funk track that simply sparks with energy.

9 Third World - Now That We've Found Love 08:16

This track is actually the very first 12" version I ever bought, it had a plain blue island sleeve and the moment I love most is when the organ solo finishes and you hear that single hit on the timbales. Something my original vinyl didn't have and this one has, is the acappella intro.

10 The Commodores - Brick house (live) 10:26

The location was juicy Lucy in Nijmegen and this track was that first "All the guys on the Left, All the ladies on the right" experience. (Also recommended is the live version of "yes we can" by the Pointer sisters).

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