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Yvonne Elliman - 1978 - Night Flight

Yvonne Elliman - 1978 - Night Flight

Artist: Yvonne Elliman
Title: Night Flight
Label: RSO 2394197
Gerne: Disco/Pop
Quality: 256 Kbps
Size: 70 MB
Release date: 1978


01 Baby Don't Let It Mess Your Mind
02 In A Stranger's Arms
03 I'll Be Around
04 Lady Of The Silver Spoon
05 Down The BackStairs Of My Life
06 If I Can't Have You
07 Prince Of Fools
08 Sally Go'Round The Roses
09 Up To The Man In You
10 Sailing Ships

Codec: Lame 3.92
Quality: CBR, 256kbps, stereo

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You can't build a classic album from one song, and you certainly can't bring in the big guns to create a sur fire success. Yvonne Elliman had been around for a number of years, firstly finding success as Mary Magdalene in "Jesus Christ Superstar", having her second album produced by Pete Townshend, joining up with Eric Clapton to sing backing vocals on a number of his 70's albums, and marrying the President of RSO Bill Oakes. During 1977, the big box office smash of the summer was "Saturday Night Fever" starring John Travolta. The excellent soundtrack to the movie was released and featured many songs penned and performed by The Bee Gees, one of which, "If I Can't Have You", became a massive hit for one...Yvonne Elliman. Seizing the opportunity RSO got together a number of well known musicians including Little Feat's Lowell George and Richie Hayward, Steve Cropper, Eric Carmen and Kiki Dee to produce the 1978 album "Night Flight". The album is dominated by the outstanding "If I Can't Have You", but there are other good tracks, including "Baby Don't Let It Mess Your Mind", "I'll Be Around", "Sailing Ships" and the Elliman penned "Up To The Man In You". A good enough Pop album, if not the most memorable.

Yvonne Elliman
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Yvonne Marianne Elliman (born December 29, 1951 in Honolulu, Hawaii) is an American singer and actress. Her father was of Irish descent, and her mother shared Japanese and Chinese ancestries. She was born and raised in Honolulu, and graduated from President Theodore Roosevelt High School in 1970.


Elliman's singing career began in the early 1970s in London where she performed as a vocalist at various bars and clubs. This led to a recording contract and a close association as a backing vocalist for Eric Clapton. She performed on many of his 1970s hits including "I Shot the Sheriff". She sang the role of Mary Magdalene in the original album of Jesus Christ Superstar and in the subsequent Broadway and film versions, and achieved her first hit single with the ballad "I Don't Know How to Love Him". The song was her first entry on the U.S. charts, peaking at #28 pop in 1971, although a cover version by Helen Reddy was a bigger hit. This performance led to a 1974 Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, making her the first Pacific Islander to be nominated for a Golden Globe in acting in a leading role.

Her recording career began to take off from this point and she scored several hit singles throughout the world, including cover versions of the Barbara Lewis hit "Hello Stranger" (which topped the Adult Contemporary charts for four weeks) and the Bee Gees' "Love Me". Her biggest success came in 1977 with her #1 hit from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, "If I Can't Have You" which was also written by the Bee Gees. When that song went to #1, Elliman became the first Asian/Pacific Islander woman to have a #1 song on the Billboard charts, a feat which was not noted at the time. The huge success of the latter song has resulted in Elliman being remembered as a disco artist, though this style of music was an exception to the medium-tempo ballads that she specialized in, and which comprised the bulk of her recordings.

A few minor Top 40 hits followed in 1979, including the title theme song from the film Moment by Moment and another disco track "Love Pains" which was a major club success. She appeared in a two-part episode of the television action series "Hawaii Five-O" during this period as an aspiring singer, performing the song "I Can't Get You Out of my Mind" with co-star James Darren. The single "Savannah" was also a minor hit and demonstrated Elliman's attempts to move away from disco music and create music that focused more on her vocal abilities. Around the same time Elliman married and shortly thereafter decided to dedicate herself to her growing family. A daughter, Sage, was born in 1982 and her brother Ben followed in 1985.

After a considerable hiatus, Yvonne Elliman reappeared on the music scene. An album titled Simple Needs, with all songs written by Elliman, was released in 2004. Yvonne has continued performing in music festivals, benefits and concerts throughout the country and around the world. A follow-up album to the 2004 release is expected soon.


Yvonne Elliman (1972)
Food of Love (1973)
Rising Sun (1975)
Love Me (1976)
Night Flight (1978)
Yvonne (1979)
Simple Needs (2004)


I Shot the Sheriff (Elliman sings backing vocals)(1971)
I Don't Know How To Love Him (1971) - US: Pop #28, AC #15
Everything's Alright (1971) - US: Pop #92
Love Me (1976) - US: Pop #14, AC #5
Hello Stranger (1977) - US: Pop #15, AC #1 (4 weeks)
I Can't Get You Outa My Mind (1977) - US: AC #19 (did not chart Pop)
If I Can't Have You (1977) - US: Billboard Hot 100 #1, AC #9, Dance #11
Savannah (1979)
Moment By Moment (1979) - US: Pop #59, AC #32
Love Pains (1979) - US: Pop #34, AC #33, Dance #2
Edge of the World (1983) - WarGames soundtrack

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