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Label: Sony Music Direct (Japan)
Format: CD, Album, Reissue
Country: Japan
Released: 1999
Genre: Funk
Quality: Lossless
Format: FLAC (Scans HQ (complete booklet + covers)+Cue+Log
Source: Internet
Size: 659 Mb (+3%)
Total Time: 49:58 min
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Studio album by Earth, Wind & Fire
Released: November 21, 1977
Recorded: August 1977 at Hollywood Sound and The Burbank Studios, California
Genre: Funk, R&B, jazz
Length: 38:46
Label: Columbia Records
Producer: Maurice White



Side one

1. "Serpentine Fire" Maurice White, Verdine White, Sonny Burke 3:51
2. "Fantasy" Maurice White, Verdine White, Eduardo DelBarrio 4:38
3. "In the Marketplace (Interlude)" Maurice White 0:43
4. "Jupiter" Maurice White, Verdine White, Larry Dunn, Phillip Bailey 3:55
5. "Love's Holiday" Maurice White, Skip Scarborough 4:23
6. "Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo)" Milton Nascimento 1:20

Side two

1. "I'll Write a Song For You" Phillip Bailey, Al McKay, Steve Beckmeier 5:23
2. "Magic Mind" Maurice White, Verdine White, Freddie White, Larry Dunn, Philip Bailey, Al McKay 3:38
3. "Runnin'" Maurice White, Larry Dunn, Eduardo DelBarrio 5:50
4. "Brazilian Rhyme (Ponta de Areia)" Milton Nascimento 0:53
5. "Be Ever Wonderful" Maurice White, Larry Dunn 5:08


1. "Serpentine Fire" Sonny Burke, Maurice White, Verdine White 3:50
2. "Fantasy" Eduardo DelBarrio, Maurice White, Verdine White 4:37
3. "In the Marketplace (Interlude)" Maurice White 0:43
4. "Jupiter" Phillip Bailey, Larry Dunn, Maurice White, Verdine White 3:11
5. "Love's Holiday" Skip Scarborough, Maurice White 4:22
6. "Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo)" Milton Nascimento 1:20
7. "I'll Write a Song For You" Phillip Bailey, Al McKay, Steve Beckmeier 5:23
8. "Magic Mind" P. Bailey, L. Dunn, A. McKay, F. White, M. White, V. White 3:38
9. "Runnin'" Eduardo DelBarrio, Maurice White, Larry Dunn 5:50
10. "Brazilian Rhyme (Ponta de Areia)" Milton Nascimento 0:53
11. "Be Ever Wonderful" Maurice White, Larry Dunn 5:07
12. "Would You Mind (Demo Version Of Love's Holiday)" Skip Scarborough, Maurice White 2:21
13. "Runnin' (Original Hollywood Mix)" Eduardo DelBarrio, Maurice White, Larry Dunn 3:19
14. "Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo) (Recorded Live)" Milton Nascimento 2:32


All 'N All is an album by the American band Earth, Wind & Fire which was released in 1977 on Columbia Records. The album features songs such as "I'll Write A Song For You", "Serpentine Fire", "Love's Holiday", and the pop hit "Fantasy". A remastered version of the LP was issued in 1999. It is one of the group's most well known albums and has been certified triple platinum in the United States for sales of three million copies by the RIAA.

All 'N All reached number three on the Pop Album chart and stayed at number one on the Black Album chart for nine weeks.All 'N All was also the bestselling R&B album of 1978.


All 'N All is described by Alex Henderson of Allmusic as a "diverse jewel" and he goes on to say that All 'N All was "a highly rewarding addition to EWF's catalog". The Guardian in its review of the album says that the "band can sound like one enormous kit, where every crash and beat has its funky place", and adds that "the whole shebang is punctuated beautifully by Milton Nascimento's Brazilian Rhyme".

The album won a Grammy for Best R&B Vocal Performance By A Duo, Group Or Chorus and "Runnin'" also won a Grammy Award for Best R&B Instrumental in 1978. All 'N All also garnered an American Music Award nomination for Favorite Album- Soul/Rhythm & Blues.


"Beijo" has been sampled by Big Pun on his song "Still Not a Playa" on his 1998 album Capital Punishment, The Fugees on their song "Refugees on the Mic" featured on the 1994 album Blunted on Reality, R&B group Blackstreet on the track "Givin' You All My Lovin'" featured on their 1994 album Blackstreet and by A Tribe Called Quest on the song "Mr. Muhammad" featured on their 1990 album People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm.

In addition "I'll Write a Song For You" has been sampled by Tupac on the track "Hold on Be Strong" featured on his 1997 album R U Still Down? (Remember Me).[10] and "Runnin'" has been sampled by Organized Konfusion on the track "Walk Into the Sun" included on their 1991 album Organized Konfusion.

"Love's Holiday" has been covered by Deniece Williams featuring Philip Bailey on her album Love, Niecy Style.


* Dorothy Ashby – Harp * Phil Ayling – Drums * Philip Bailey - Percussion, Conga, Vocals * Blanche Belnick – Violin * Roger Bobo - Tuba * George Bohannon - Trombone * Oscar Brashear - Trumpet * Garnett Brown - Trombone * Ronald Clark - Violin * Ronald Cooper - Cello * Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion * Eduardo del Barrio - Piano * David Duke - French Horn * Larry Dunn - Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Moog Synthesizer, Oberheim * Chuck Findley - Trumpet * Norman Forrest - Viola * Harris Goldman – Violin * Jack Gootkin - Violin * Janice Gower - Violin, Concert Master * Johnny Graham - Guitar * Terry Harrington - Flute * Michael Harris - Trumpet * Ruth Henry - Violi * Fred Jackson, Jr. - Flute * Ralph Johnson - Percussion, Drums * Jan Kelly - Cello * Richard Klein - French Horn * Renita Koven - Viola * Betty LaMagna - Violin * Carl LaMagna - Violin * Mary D. Lindquist – Violin * Linda Lipsett - Viola * Art Macnow - Direction * Steve Madaio - Trumpet * James M. McGee - French Horn * Al McKay - Guitar, Percussi * Abe Most - Flute * Don Myrick - Saxophone, Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor) * Susan Ranney - Bass * Alan Robinson - French Horn * Gale Robinson - French Horn * Marilyn Robinson - French Horn * Meyer Rubin - Bass * Richard Salvato - Director, Direction * Sheldon Sanov - Violin * Louis Satterfield - Trombone * Skip Scarborough - Percussion, Piano * Haim Shtrum - Violin * Daniel Smith - Cello * Barry Socher - Violin * Lya Stern - Violin * David Stockhammer - Violin * Barbara Thomason - Viola * Marcia Van Dyke - Violin * Fred White - Percussion, Drums * Maurice White - Drums, Vocals, Kalimba, * Verdine White - Bass, Vocals * Mark Wilder - Mastering * Andrew Woolfolk - Sax (Tenor), Wind


* Paul Klingberg - Mixing
* Cameron Marcarelli - Mixing Assistant, Assistant
* George Massenburg - Engineer
* Leo Sacks - Producer, Reissue Producer, Mixing
* Maurice White - Producer, Mixing, Original Recording Producer

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