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Label: Disky
ASIN: B000050GGK
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: Audio CD (17 July 2000)
Genre: Pop
Quality: Lossless
Format: APE + covers +Cue +Log
Source: Internet
Size: 419 Mb (+5%)
Download: Rapidshare


1. Little Green Bag
2. Dear Ann
3. Midnight
4. Over And Over
5. Nathalie
6. Mama Oh Mama
7. Holy Day
8. I'm On My Way
9. Marie Jeanne
10. Baby Blue
11. Little Paraquayo (Fly Away)
12. Sing A Song Of Love
13. Paloma Blanca
14. Morning Sky
15. Wild Bird
16. Manana (Mi Amour)
17. Beautiful Rose
18. Marja


This review is from: The Best of George Baker Selection (Audio CD)

This album shows the greatest of George Baker it's easy listerning funky music. As soon as i heard the track little green Bag I was hooked it's also used in the film resiviour dogs. Its great for all age groups and as being a teenager it make's you want to get of off your feet and dance. All the way through the album there's never a dull moment. Totally fab music!!!


n 1967, Bouwens joined the band Soul Invention, which later changed its name to "George Baker Selection." Their first album, Little Green Bag (1970), gave them their first hit. Their debut single, "Little Green Bag", reached #16 position on the Cash Box magazine chart and #21 in the Billboard Top 100 in the United States. This disc sold over one million copies globally, and received a gold disc. By 1972 the band had sold over 5 million records.

Their fifth album Paloma Blanca was released in 1975, and the single "Paloma Blanca" reached #1 in the charts in several countries.

In 1978 the George Baker Selection split up because "the pressure had become too much." The band has sold over 20 million records worldwide. George Baker formed a new George Baker Selection in 1985, which stayed together until 1989. The band has released twelve albums and several compilation albums.

The band experienced a brief return to the international charts in 1992, when the song "Little Green Bag" was used in the title sequence of the film Reservoir Dogs, and a Chilean soap opera.


After the George Baker Selection split up in 1978, Baker performed as a solo artist until 1985, when he briefly returned with a new George Baker Selection. Since 1989 he is a solo artist again.[1] In 2005 he released a remix of the song "Una Paloma Blanca" for the film Too Fat Too Furious. As a solo artist, he has released nine albums, and is currently managed by Jaap Buijs.

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