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Ganymed was an Austrian space disco band founded in 1977.

In 1978, they released their biggest hit, “It Takes Me Higher”, which hit #5 on the Austrian charts for four weeks and also hit #23 on the German charts. That same year, they released their debut album “Takes You Higher”, which ranked at #16 for 12 weeks and also spawned another single, “Saturn”.

1979 would see the release of their second album, “Future World”. The album’s title track was released as a B-side to “Dancing in a Disco”. Afterwards, they released their final album, “Dimension No. 3”, plus a non-album single, “Money Is Addiction (Of This Crazy World)” in 1980. At their last concert in 1981, Falco played bass for the group. Ganymed officially broke up in 1983.


* Gerry Edmond (real name Edmund Gerhard Czerwenka; pseudonym in the group: "Kroonk") – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, synth programming
* Yvonne Dory (real name Doris Yvonne Czerwenka; pseudonym in the group: "Pulsaria") – vocals
* Rudolf Mille (pseudonym in the group: "Vendd") – keyboards
* Gerhard Messinger-Neuwirth (pseudonym in the group: "Izl") – bass
* Ernst Nekola-Hefter (pseudonym in the group: "Cak") – drums, percussion, drum programming
* Daniele Prencipe (pseudonym in the group: "Suk"; only appeared on "Takes You Higher") – keyboards



* Takes You Higher (1978)
* Future World (1979)
* Dimension No. 3 (1980)


* It Takes Me Higher (1978)
* Saturn (1978)
* Dancing in a Disco (1979)
* Money Is Addiction (Of This Crazy World) (1980)

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