среда, 3 марта 2010 г.

Sylvester-Megatone Remixes

Sylvester-Megatone Remixes


Band of Gold (Remix)
Be With You (Remix)
Call Me (Remix)
Do Ya Wanna Funk (Italian Boy Remix)
Do Ya Wanna Funk (Italian House Remix)
Do Ya Wanna Funk (Joseph Watt Remix)
Don't Stop (Remix)
Good Feelin' (Remix)
Menergy (Deep House Remix)
Rock The Box (Master Mix)
Rock The Box (Powerhouse Energy Mix)
Rock The Box (Purple Haze Acid House Mix)
Sex (An Ian Levine Remix)
Take Me To Heaven (An Ian Levine Remix)
Taking Love Into My Own Hands (Remixed by Sylvester)
Tell Me (Remix)
Too Late (Remix)
Trouble In Paradise (Remix)


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Modern Greetings комментирует...

The tracklists are great songs. I love to hear from this singer.

return address labels комментирует...

I love to hear those songs over and over again.

Christmas Cards комментирует...

I want to be a singer too.

Thank You Christmas cards комментирует...

He sings well.

christmas party invitations комментирует...

How old is he? HE is still young with this photo, right?

Wedding Engagement Invitations комментирует...

For how many years, I have always wanted to become a famous singer. But sad to say, I don't have such gift. But so far, I learned to appreciate others who sing well.